About Liang Xing

I'm Liang Xing from mainland China, currently an 30 year old young illustrator in Shanghai who've been drawing for almost 20 years ever since 1990s .
When I grew up a little bit as a middle school student, I was told gifted in fine art so that I finally made up my mind to consider drawing as not only one of my hobby but also the profession I’ll count on. Later on I was admitted to Central Academy of Fine Art, Starting from college life, I've learned and attempted several styles including oil painting, fine art education and digital art. And turn out it seems that digital illustrator would be a nice choice for me. 

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For work inquiries please email me at:Email: 273712498@qq.com
Zettai Ryouiki and Liang Xing own all the rights to the content produced in the physical and digital form. It is forbidden to reprint or leak any content received. If you notice Sets being leaked resold or reprinted or know someone who leaks them, please message us here!
Please help support the artist by not purchasing counterfeit prints or items sold through outside vendors or other online shops as the art is most likely stolen and reprinted.